1. Improved ES performance
2. Small bug fix
3. Single APL audit trail message
4. OPDconfig deployment updated
5. Improved user id verification (SID comparison)
6. Removal of continuous scripts
7. One click execute

1. New Barcode fields
2. Increase of available AD groups to 510

1. ES groups configuration string increased from 255 to 510 characters
2. Enumeration can be used dynamically in OPD messages

1. OPD message scroll update

1. UNICODE compatibility
2. Improved performance

Changes to version 5.2.3
1. OPD is disabled when the HMI faceplates is closed, Feature bit 2
2. Milliseconds added to the operational faceplates audittrail
3. Improved performance (no wait functions)
4. Compatible with PCS7 v9.1

Changes to version 5.2.2
1. ES om operational faceplates is selectable, not mandatory
2. Operational faceplates can be customized to specific APL icon types
3. Double ES compare is case sensitive

Changes to version 5.2.1
1. Configuration editor handles new rows created by Excel
2. Commas in dynamic message replaced by dots
3. Optimized ES
4. Operational Faceplate server prefix bug fixed

Changes to version 5.2
1. OPD block updated with a new input EXE_EN (enable execute)
2. OPD config tool update for handling of non-standard characters
3. Update for handling of server prefix during creation of Audit Trail.
Standard server configuration on the clients is no longer needed
4. Updated functionality of the operational faceplates.
5. Updated icons. Faceplate does not open if the OPD is not Enabled.
6. The max number of Required ES groups increased to 50
7. Improved ES. Quicker performance.
8. OPD block updated with longer strings for ES Date & Time

Otherwise same functionality as version 5.2

Download release notes

Changes to version 5.1.6
1. OPD wizard for automatic OS project configuration
2. OPD configuration tool
3. Automatic height calcualtion takes into account the operation window
Otherwise same functionality as version 5.1.7

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Changes to version 5.1.6
1. Improved check box functionality
2. Help button removed
3. Multi CSV file functionality
4. Home button updated
5. 2 step functionality updated on APL operation faceplates
6. Small design changes to the faceplate
7. Comment field update improved

Otherwise same functionality as version 5.1.6

Download Release notes

Changes to version 5.1.5
1. Comment field added to APL operation faceplates
2. Old batch inputs added to the S7-block for easier upgrade
3. Multiline icon updated
4. Watchdog timeout message removed
5. Operator value requirement updated
6. Improved file reading performance

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Changes to version 5.1.4
1. New operation faceplates available
2. 2nd signature format bug fixed
3. Option selection improved
4. 2nd & 3rd Option/Check group bug fixed
5. OPD block: Unused I/Os removed or hidden. Block comments updated.
6. New watchdog timeout message

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1. OPD labels (operator values, option boxes and check boxes) are written to the S7-block
2. Dynamic OPD message. Values from the S7 block can be combined in the message.
3. New parameter on the S7-block: ResetOp. When set, the entered operator values are reset when closing the HMI.
4. User permissions are updated if the faceplate is open and the user is changed.
5. OPD block bug. The outputs QOPOSEL2, QOPOSEL3, QOPCSEL2, QOPCSEL3 were not reset after OPD execution.
6. Order of the inputs OPVS and OPVR inputs updated in the block.
7. Possibility to adjust font size of all OPD texts.
8. Minor design changes to the faceplate.
9. Possibility to reset HMI timer
10. Step number and Batch ID bug fixed
11. Check box bug related to PCS7 9 SP2 fixed

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1. Dynamic message height implemented
2. PV & OPV unit extended to 15 characters
3. Long message bug fixed

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1. Language reading bug fix
2. Faceplate height calculation bug fix
3. Additional 2 Option Groups and 2 Check Groups implemented
4. Date Format bug fixed
5. OPD_CSV_PATH bug fixed


1. Language reading bug fix
2. Faceplate height calculation bug fix
3. Additional 2 Option Groups and 2 Check Groups implemented


1. Updated OPD faceplate
– New alarm view
– Always on top button
– Last picture button
2. Updated icon. Right click on the icon opens the shortcut to execute the OPD
3. New icons – the OPD message is shown in the icon
4. OPD messages can be filtered in PCS 7 measuring point browser
5. OPD S7-block updated. Status1 output updated.
6. OPD message allows for commas
7. “Hidden OPD” – a possibility of activating OPDs without opening the OPD dialog.
8. The domain list will also show the Simatic Logon Station (if available).


1. Updated OPD block (v5.3).
– Number of PVs and OPVs increased from 6 to 10.
– OPV limits enabled.

2. Updated OPD faceplates and scripts.
– Number of PVs and OPVs increased from 6 to 10.
– OPV limits enabled.
– Switch between batch and standard faceplate updated.

3. Updated WinCC messages. New messages for PVs and OPVs 7-10

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– Configuration file and language file are using commas instead of semicolons to separate columns
– New OPD block (v5.2) makes it easier to upgrade old OPD projects
– OPD icon updated with Group Display

Download Release notes

New version. Major changes compared to V4.x:
– APL design
– Faster response
– Configuration using spreadsheet


1. New Operator Comment feature (512 chars)

Download Release Notes

1. TAB functionality implemented in the GUI
2. Improved security connectivity in multi domain systems
3. New database views for quicker configuration of the OPD dialogs
4. OPD database tool is implemented as part of the OPD Edit tool.

Download Release Notes

1. The last chosen domain option is displayed as default in the signature dialog.
2. OPD Audit Trail bug fix.

1. The setting of the Option Button outputs on the S7 block (QOPOSEL1-3) has changed accordingly with the version 3 of the OPD!

The setting is binary:
– Option Box 1: 1 (previously 1)
– Option Box 2: 2 (previously 2)
– Option Box 3: 4 (previously 3)
– Option Box 4: 8 (previously 4)
– Option Box 5: 16 (previously 5)
– Option Box 6: 32 (previously 6)

2. The “domain” is displayed as default instead of the local computer in the signature dialog.

3. The Audit Trail has been updated. The OPD message text (max 1024 chars) is now divided into 5 audit trail messages 100010-100014. This will prevent Event column from exceeding 255 characters. Import the new WinCC Message Config provided in the setup package.

4. The problem with OPDEdit crashing while browsing the messages using the scroll arrows has been solved.

5. The SQL Browser service is no longer disabled by the installation of the SQL Express provided in the installation package.

6. There are now two ways of configuring on which OS server the OPD Audit Trail is created. The first way is to set the “standard alarm server” under the “Server data” in WinCC Explorer. The second way is to set the “OPDServerPrefix” property on the OPDGUI object in “@OPDFaceplate.pdl”. The prefix can be set dynamically.

7. The CTRL & ENTER buttons can be used for navigating the signature window.

– Serverprefix removed from “Source” column in WinCC Messsage List.
– ALT and ENTER added to OPDEdit message configurator
– Domain is always shown prior to Local Computer while signing

New picture: “@OPDFaceplate.pdl” instead of “OPDFaceplate.pdl”
Script: “OpenOPD.fct” updated with the new picture.

OPD Audit Trail updated. Update of Audit Trail messages creation. Only PV8, 9 & 10 are used for OPD data . Requires new message configuration in WinCC

The feature “OPD inactivates when the current user is changed” added

Problems with AuditTrail on single station are fixed

OPDWinCC_client.exe is updated to
STEP_NO & BatchID are added to OPD Audit Trail messages

New OPD version V4.0 is released. The version is released for PCS7 V8.0 and 8.1.
Changes compared to V3.x:
– The OPD GUI is implemented as a .NET component which is embedded in WinCC PDL graphic.
– The database structure is updated with new tables

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