OPD uses the SIMATIC logon for user verification and electronic signatures. Up to 5 electronic signatures are supported on one single OPD message.

OPD can be used to scan up to 3 barcodes in one single operator dialog. The barcode scanning can also be combined with other OPD fields e.g. electronic signatures.

All information contained in the OPD is saved as messages in WinCC Alarm Logging database.

OPD allows for adding comments and electronic signatures for APL operational commands e.g. mode switching or setpoint adjustment.

Use OPD as a check list. All items have to be checked and signed off before the OPD message can be acknowledged. OPD supports separate check groups with up to 10 check boxes in each.

OPD messages are configured with a custom made editor or by any spreadsheet tool.

Each OPD message can be configured with:
– 1 text message (1020 characters)
– 1 operator comment (1020 characters)
– 1..6 process values (string or real)
– 1..6 operator values (string or real)
– 1..3 Option Group with up to 10 Option Boxes
– 1..3 Check Group with up to 10 Check Boxes
– 1..2 Electronic Signatures

An OPD can be used for changing of some parameters or alarm limits together with electronic signatures.

OPD supports strings as well as real values. It is also possible to configure limits for real values.